Todd Jambon
Interactive Media Producer Specializing in Video and Animation

I was born October 18, 1982, in New Orleans, Lousiana. I moved to Asheville, North Carolina, with my family in the spring of 1990. Growing up, I always loved film, TV, and videogames. When the World Wide Web came along, I became very interested in the connected world. Curing college at Western Carolina University, my love of film grew, which led me to take all the screenwriting classes that I could within my Professional Writing concentration in the Mass Communication Department. Two years after graduating, I moved to New York City to try my hand at getting into the film industry. I moved to Los Angeles a year and half later for pursuing the same goals. Today, I still write screenplays on the side; but my main focus is in Web Development. I am currently in the MA in Interactive Media program at Elon University in North Carolina, from which I will be graduating in May 2012. I love the program and all it has taught me. I look forward to a career in the ever-changing world of interactive media!